Maninder Singh

Corporate Philosophy

Reaching for the Center of transportation

industry with innovation design

and advance technology

Over 33 years of rich experience in Technological Arena. Born in the family of pioneers and techno-entrepreneurs, he was raised in invention oriented environment. Early in his life penhant for engineering was on display.Machine shop and factory was his playground where he learned his basics. Most impressively he taught himself all about manufacturing, re-engineering, design, proto-type testing and product development.

An Era of Change

Using strong entrepreneurial instincts, set up GNA Udyog in 1982 and built single handedly, from a small UJC manufacturer to leading component and assemblies’ supplier to all the leading OEMs in India/Abroad.

Set up a most modern plant comprising of CNC machining centers, cold spline rolling/rack rolling machines, gear hobing/shaving, automatic CO2 welding and paint shops. Also a forging facility comprising of upsetter, presses, hammers, die design, die sinking and tool room. The company stands tall as the only Integrated Propeller Shaft Manufacturer in Asia.

With methodical and successful strategy of trial and error, developed unique auto components for major auto companies like Maruti and SML. Most of top notch global Auto companies today cherish GNA Udyog as favored vendor.

Over the years, have built formidable expertise in design, process engineering, machine planning, tooling, quality system/processes, costing, value engineering and sourcing.A highly committed & dedicated visionary with an eye to details. Very modest and never flaunts his accomplishments.